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Our Guiding Principles

APEX has defined a set of Guiding Principles that informs all APEX initiatives and activities. These principles capture the values that provide overall direction to our projects and programs and plans. They are also intended to inform how courts invest in new, or modify existing, solutions or services.

Ensure Equitable Access, Fairness and Accountability

Use technologies that allow all court users to have impartial and effective access to justice while accommodating persons needing access through conventional means.  

Ensure the accuracy and timeliness of information provided to judges, parties, and others.  

Empower Self-Represented Litigants 

Improve Court Operations and Services

Advance court operational practices to make full use of technology and, in turn, provide better service to court users.  

Create technology solutions that are forward thinking and that enable courts to favorably adapt to changing expectations of the public and court users. 

Secure Information and Infrastructure

Design services to comply with privacy laws and conform to cybersecurity best-practice to assure users that personal information is properly protected.

Promote Technology Best-Practices

Provide technology standards or guidelines related to access to information or submission of documents that support the court’s goal of greater compatibility for the public and justice partners. 

Define contingencies and remedies to guarantee that users do not forfeit legal rights when technologies fail, and users are unable to operate systems successfully. 

Enable Indigenous Capacity Development

Develop, fund, and implement technologies to improve local processes and workflows that may provide a model for wider implementation.  

Allow for adaptation to address local needs, foster innovation, and provide, where appropriate, a model for wider implementation. 

Develop and provide training to support technology-enabled solutions, to enhance stakeholder awareness and to inform leadership decision making. 

Identify opportunities to collaborate on technologies to reduce costs, leverage expertise and training, and improve consistency.