What’s New In Curia?

The CAJS is committed to providing solutions that improve the administration of justice for everyone concerned. We’ve been working hard on the Curia Suite of products to bring new features and fixes to improve the experience of all stakeholders. Here are some of these changes.

Curia Accepts Electronic Payments

Attorneys and Self-Presented Litigants have the ability to pay case fees and costs directly from the Folio e-filing platform. Escrow Accounts and Escrow Payments are also included.

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New Reporting Capabilities in Sightlines

Sightlines is now equipped with new reporting capabilities including: ‘Case Invoices Report’, ‘Judges Case Report,’ ‘Financial Summary Report.’ All reports can be exported to Excel.

Set a backdate for e-filing

Registry Curia Administrators can now set a backdate for e-filing allowing court administrators to clear build-up of cases while transferring to the electronic filing software.

View timestamp for e-filing of documents

Folio users now have the ability to view the timestamp for documents

Other Enhancements and Fixes

  • Fixed: Security issue that prevented login access to the E-filing and Case Management Platform
  • Fixed: Error with Notification links in Message Centre
  • Hyperlink direct document instead of asking user to login again
  • Registration fields have been made context sensitive based to whether a user selects ‘Individual’ or ‘Institution’
  • Webpage load times for some screen views increased by as much as 20%
  • Corrected issue where system error flashed while adding an existing party or searching for an existing party even when party was added successfully
  • Fixed the Error Message (system crashed) when a User Group is added as a Case Party or Staff to a Case
  • Curia Administrators can now Auto-Generate case numbers. (In system settings in Attaché, allow Admins to adjust case numbers as needed)
  • Upload Document Feature in Folio not uploading documents (left navigation menu)
  • Enable multiple case types to be saved.
  • Ability to Filter (by Case Number) when searching in the Message Centre
  • Added a warning message to indicate when a Case Party is not an approved user
  • When Organization Type is Law Firm or Dispute Resolution Case Title not displayed in User Notices/Alerts and in Case Lists.
  • Fixed the document version link for re-uploaded documents. Included a check for allowable File Size on the upload of Documents. Enabled playback of uploaded audio and video files
  • Enabled user avatar for comments in View Document screen
  • Autocomplete function included in dropdown menu when Uploading Documents (using Upload document feature in Left main menu)
  • Removed dependency on Role Name requiring words like Registry or Judge
  • Removed “APEX Court” in Account Registration page
  • Added ‘Case Title’ as a mandatory field in Folio when adding a Case i.e. ‘Add Case’ menu
  • Check boxes now available for Registry’s e-filing screen in Folio (Similar to Attaché)
  • Fixed Case Title hyperlink in view cases
  • Controlled access of Case View details in Folio
  • Replaced the columns ‘Withdrawal’ and ‘Served’ with ‘Email Address’ in Case Parties grid
  • When creating a case in Folio, auto-numbering sequence fixed when two Case Types are selected
  • Removed Edit and Delete permissions in Party Screen for Folio users
  • Resolved various format issues on view cases screen
  • Disabled ‘edit case number’ permission for all users
  • Enabled increase in number of cases that can be viewed on one screen
  • Enabled appropriate function buttons according to user role in Folio. For. e.g. Add Party, Add Existing Party
  • In the Tasks tab of Message Centre, fixed the inactive ‘Action’ button, e.g. Mark as Completed
  • Configured the “Assign To” as a mandatory field in the Add/Edit of Case Fees
  • Adjusted the time zone for accurate display of Referral Date and Commencement Date in Case Edit Screen
  • Resolved error when using ‘Generate Document’ function in the Case
  • Fixed timestamp for ‘Submitted Date’ in the Case Edit screen
  • ‘Void’ is not displayed when invoice is voided
  • Updated Time Zone to ensure notifications match Hearing times
  • Fixed inability to select ‘User when generating Invoice
  • Added a hint in the ‘Case Title’ edit box in ‘Edit Case’ screen
  • Disabled the ‘User Groups’ tab in Notes tab
  • Resolved System Error after adding an event, hearing or filing on Calendar
  • Resolved Payment Type incorrectly displaying Invoice Number
  • Added a ‘Case Field’ Trigger to insert an ‘Action’ when certain user functions are performed e.g. Case Status, Change of Assigned Judge
  • Fixed notification triggers to show ‘Filings’ in Message Centre
  • Fixed notification triggers to match CAJS template document
  • Controlled permissions for deleting a Receipt (granted only to System Admin)
  • Resolved System Error in the ‘Edit’ of User Profile function for specific Jurisdiction
  • Resolved ‘Save’ function of ‘Case Number Formatting’ in the System Settings
  • Resolved display of ampersand on Title Fields for Case Edit screen
  • Resolved incorrect description of ‘Download’ icon on Invoice tab
  • Removed Spacing between ‘Delete’ and ‘Payment’ buttons on the Payment Screen
  • Fixed logo image on invoice
  • Enabled ‘Administrators’ indicator/checkbox in the editing of a User Role
  • Added a system setting to allow for a check on the total number of records displayed for any Sightlines report

  • Resolved security issue that prevented login access to Sightlines

  • Removed debug message from Sightlines